Terms and Conditions

In order to use our website, please read the following Terms and conditions carefully.
Welcome to our website BAYDEP.vn owned by An Phat Import – Export & Investment Corporation.
By using our website, you agreed to our Terms and Conditions without any limited or exception.
If you have any questions regarding using this website, please Contact us. All inquiries and/or feedbacks will be responded by BAYDEP’s Support Team under the authority of An Phat Import – Export & Investment Corporation.
1. Definition
“Website” means this online booking website BAYDEP.vn owned by An Phat Import – Export & Investment Corporation.
“Terms and conditions” means all content in this documents that might be referred to as Terms.
“Materials” means all information, images, audio files, videos, etc. or any other information and/or data on this website.
“User” means every person who can access this website to use the website and/or its materials, users might be referred to as “You”.
2. Right to change Terms and conditions
BAYDEP.vn may, on our own accord, change, replace, adjust, add and/or remove a portion of this Terms. The Terms will effect immediately after being published on the website. Therefore, every time you visit this website, you must review this Terms to ensure that you have the most updated and sufficient information.
Additionally, when using a specific service, You and BAYDEP.vn will be bound to additional terms and any instructions or regulations which apply to that service. Such instructions or regulations will thereby be considered as a part of this Terms and conditions. If any item in this Terms and conditions conflicts with any item in those instructions, regulations or additional terms then the terms in this Agreement will decide the outcome.
3. Intellectual property
All materials on this website are the intellectual property of BAYDEP.vn and/or its owners and are protected by Laws on Intellectual property including everything related to copyrights, trademarks, inventions and other subjects. Intellectual property right also applies in accordance with international multilateral and bilateral regulations.
You have the right to use this website and/or its materials for personal use and not for business. We encourage such action along with crediting us and keeping the original link/url on this website. Any other use, including copying, editing, citing, broadcasting, distributing, licensing, selling or publishing any materials in whole or in part without BAYDEP.vn’s written approval are forbidden.
All of BAYDEP.vn’s trademarks, logos are protected by the Laws of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.
4. Limitation of use
BAYDEP.vn will not accept using of our website and/or its materials for any of the following purposes:
Use against the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.
Violation of others’ personal rights and/or to harass, insult others and/or otherwise harm other people.
Violation of public order and/or breaking criminal laws.
Public and distribute others’ personal information without their consent.
Use for business and/or economic purposes without our written consent such as in competitions, gamblings, advertisement or multilevel marketing.
Distribution of files contain viruses which damage the operation of other computers.
Implementation of robots, spiders and/or any automated device and/or manual methods to track and collect the website’s materials for reusing without our written consent.
Use of any device, software and/or procedure to violate the website’s operation.
Acts which are illegal and/or forbidden by relevant Laws.
Violation of BAYDEP.vn’s recognized rights and benefits.
Any acts deemed to be inappropriate by us.
5. Limitation of liability
By using our website, you were aware of and agreed to take the risks that may arise. Therefore:
We do not guarantee the correctness, completeness or appropriateness of users’ purposes, however, we try our best to meet those demands. When you use the website’s materials, you must accept all risks from such use. The materials are only for reference.
The server which stores this website might be attacked and infected with viruses or other components that might harm your computer or property when accessing and/or using the website and/or its materials. We will not take responsibility for any lost or damage caused by using, accessing or failure to use, access this website.
The website can suspend and/or stop provided services anytime without prior announcement. BAYDEP.vn will not take responsibility for any damage caused by adjustment or correction of content or inability to use the website even if you had informed us in advance.
The products and services displayed on this website are not constantly available at all time and location. The introduction of products or services on this website does not imply that such products and services will be available anytime in the specific location of the users.
BAYDEP.vn may integrates with other third party websites, and such integration are solely for the purpose of linking to information that might benefit the users. We will not take responsibility for the content, products and services of integrated websites including the accuracy, completeness and reliability of said content, products and services. In such cases, you are not bound by this Terms and conditions but instead have to review those websites’ terms and conditions.

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