Privacy policy

This document describes to what extend information were collected (by us) from users and its purpose, how it is used as well as measures implemented to maximize customers’ data protection. We guarantee to not disclose any personal data of the users. All information and data collected were handled in accordance with online personal data protection regulations.
1. How we collect data
Users’ information is collected both actively and passively. The former one occurs when users enter their information during booking process. The latter one occurs as our server automatically records website-related data including IP address, browser and resolution with some customer behavior analyzing programs for statistic gathering.
2. Scope of collected information
Users’ email addresses are collected when they subscribe for news from Other personal data including: full name, address, phone, fax (optional), company (optional as part of billing requirements) and email address are collected during booking process. In case the user decides to pay with credit/debit cards, the system will record their card number, card type, CVV and expiration date. In case the user does not wish to receive email or promotion from us, they can refuse to. However, users must provide necessary information such as personal data and card details during transaction.
Additionally, personal data might as well be collected by reputable online organizations in order to fill database and serve statistic recording and/or online purchase behavior analysis. During facilitating, for security reason, data related to users’ internet connection and web browers are automatically updated.’s system only concerns about transactions’ detail, not personal data, regardless whether it was collected actively or passively. In case a user subscribes to receive promotion, our database will automatically analyze and collect their travel interest and suggest most appropriate searches. However, those who use illegal cards or have any other illegal behaviors might be prosecuted and must take full responsibility of their behaviors in court. Government related agencies are able to identify users’ access location and prosecute them if they manipulate data from the server.
Collected data contains information of the source, websites which led an user to, data related to IP address for internet connection, server registration information, resolution and other technical data. Redirecting data also includes relevant keywords, advertising pages which linked users to us and most recent access to
3. Why we collect data
Customers’ personal data is collected in order to complete the selling of products and services provided by Collected data might be used to provide other products and services later on. In some cases, we will use this data to implement promotion, advertisement program or survey for customer feedback.
We also use this data for statistical purpose. This process will be carried out by analyzing systems provided by reputable organizations in order to maximize data protection for and its users. Base on such analysis, we can record users’ behaviors and interest to improve service quality and increase customer satisfaction.
4. Users’ data transferred to other organizations
Users’ data will only be transfer to airlines and other direct service providers of We guarantee such personal data to be only disclosed to trustworthy organization and will not violate users’ personal rights.
We pay extra attention to users’ credit/debit card information as entered on Card data will only be transferred to trustworthy organizations which were authorized by banks or card provider. The transfer process will be assessed with most modern and secured data encrypting methods to prevent illegal access (optional).
We reserve our right to provide data to the authority when there is legal request from the Government.
We have no right to sell and/or provide collected users’ data to other individuals or organizations for benefit.
5. Contact between and its users
We reserve our right to contact users if necessary by: email, SMS, fax, mail, phone or in person to carry out selling process or collect users feedback and measure customer satisfaction in order to improve’s function.
We will also contact users to inform our promotion and marketing program (users can subscribe to receive anytime)
6. Change personal data and refuse to receive advertisement content.
Each registered member of can see their personal information on the website and change it as they wish. In order to do so, users need to log in to the website and process with change. Users might be asked to provide some necessary information or verify their log in by activation via registerd email.
Users who have subscribed to receive email from us can refuse to receive news, commercial information and advertisement anytime. Users can delete any personal data on anytime. However, some information related to accounting will still be rightfully recorded by us.
7. Data protection
In order to protect users personal and cards information, data transferred between users’ devices and our server is encrypted by SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol (optional).
The data based stored on’s server is protected with a password system of high security.
8. Limitation of liability
All information relating to users’ data protection on is included in this document. However, there might be situations where we carry out the collecting, processing and utilizing data in a slightly different way from what we described above as long as there is no violation of users’ personal rights. guarantee to implement necessary measures to secure data protection. However, we will not be liable for compensating any abuse and violation of our data protection policies. The only exception is when such liabilities are related to civil and legal responsibilities according to the law. might contain links, advertisements and connections to other websites. We guarantee to only try to connect to valuable and reputable websites in order to protect users’ data and safety at best. However, it must be clarified that data protection policies of those websites are different and completely independent on those of We will not take responsibility for others policies.
9. Data collecting organization
The organization which carries out the data colleting is An Phat Import – Export & Investment Corporation, based in Hanoi, Vietnam. The company’s details can be found in Contact us page on
10. Change of data protection policies
Data protection policies might be change to meet current security demands. Changes will be updated on

28/03/2018 8:46:24 CH - 1747

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